Friday, December 10, 2010


Hi all that decided to stop by and read my blog. I am a new blogger and not real sure where I wanna take this just yet. So with that said my 1st Time (Blog) post will be about Happiness.

I stopped by the post office this morning to send a few of my crafty creations off to their new homes. One of the postal workers always has this blah look of damnation on her face. So I asked the young lady that was assisting me is the other lady ever smiled because everytime I come in there she always  has this blah damn the world look? She says with a smile....."Yes, it is very rare that she smiles." Wow! I said. I can not imagine going thru life without smiling at some point in my day.

I think (no I believe) if when you wake up in the morning and you can't find anything at all to smile about then maybe just maybe you should check your pulse cause you're obviously dead.

Life is too short but its the longest thing you'll ever do so why not be happy about it!!! Happiness is a choice, when you don't choose happiness joy looses by default.

Peace and Blessings